Monday, January 21, 2013

Teaching Time Managment

As part of our homeschooling, I have a list of classic children's books sorted in precise grade level order (2.1, 2.2, etc.) that I am having the kids read in addition to their Time4Learning, outside activities, and impromptu play and experiments.  Sometimes, it is hard to get T to sit down and read because there are so many things he wants to do.  I began to push bringing his books with us to activities.  Since we ride the NFTA buses to go places there is usually extra time waiting for a bus and extra time when we get somewhere early because the bus times aren't always precise for the desired arrival time.  There is also the time waiting for a bus to come home.

He fought me at first, but when he realized that he was getting almost all his reading done during time that would otherwise be wasted, he got much better about it.  He now sees that he has more time at home to play and do other things.  Hopefully, he will begin to appreciate how important time management is.  I think this is a pretty good way to teach it especially because without going to school there is still a tremendous amount of free time and this just increases it.  When I was in school learning time management wasn't the difference between free time and more free time, but no free time and a little free time.  It was hard to see the point when I was so overloaded.  Only time will tell if the time management sticks, but we'll wait and see.  I certainly think learning it in the context of more choices is better than the way I learned it where there was more of a punishment element in not having all my assignments ready.  Again, we'll have to see how it works long term.


  1. We use Time4Learning too, and really love it. Since you are mentioning time management, how do you like that the curriculum plans lessons for you and keeps records? It sure helps MY time management! We recently moved to a very rural area, and everything is a long drive (30-45 minutes average) and I am trying to encourage my daughter to do some of her reading and book school work in the car while we are travelling. I think she is beginning to see the benefits, but I still expect to have to enforce that time management for a while yet. She is in 7th grade, but still does not have great time management practice yet. Best of luck, and happy homeschooling!

    1. It sounds great to encourage her to read in the car as long as she doesn't get car sick. I have hesitated to have my son read on the actual bus rather than just waiting for the bus or for a class to start, but I should probably have him give it a whirl.

      I am pretty happy with the Time4Learning too. I use it mainly to make sure we don't miss anything. I think my kids learn best from reading and hands-on, but with how strict NY is with the reporting, I like having them do lessons and tests to make sure we don't miss anything. I love how it is very efficient so it doesn't take away too much time from everything else.