Religious People, but Secular Homeschoolers

There are many types of homeschoolers, but most often it seems that you hear about religious homeschoolers, secular homeschoolers, and accidental homeschoolers.

Accidental homeschoolers fall into homeschooling to solve some type of specific problem like bullying, learning disabilities, or a family move.

Religious homeschoolers are doing it primarily for religious reasons. Often they are conservative Christians who have concerns about specifics things that are taught like evolution.

We are secular homeschoolers in that we choose to homeschool more as an educational philosophy. We are in no way trying to avoid topics taught in school or shelter our kids from different types of people or things. Certainly, living in a vibrant urban neighborhood means that our kids are exposed to a wide variety of everything. That being said, it does not mean that we don’t have religious beliefs that we practice, it just isn’t the reason for our homeschooling. It also isn’t the focus of this blog, since the blog is about urban homeschooling in Buffalo, NY.

Of course we do like our church, which we attend often but not every Sunday, because of its traditional type of worship as well as its welcoming inclusiveness. If you are looking for a church it is definitely worth a look:

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buffalo, NY

It is the Cathedral in the Diocese of WNY of the:

The Episcopal Church

In the:

Anglican Communion

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