Thursday, February 16, 2012

Buying Socially Conscious Sunglasses

I had part of an Amazon gift card left and decided to use it to get sunglasses for the kids and I for this spring and summer.  I decided to try to find sunglasses made in the USA or at least another western country with good working conditions, like Canada.  While trade imbalances are more the result of policy than anything, it occurred to me that much could be done by thinking about where items come from and trying to make responsible choices.  Of course, because of a variety of factors, including homeschooling, I had very little extra money to put towards it beyond the gift card.  Perhaps with the economy so bad American items aren't that expensive anymore?  As far as sunglasses for the kids, I couldn't find many from the US.  However, I was surprised by researching other sites also that many safety sunglasses are made in the USA.  I found these and am quite happy:

From the picture, they appear a bit more "safety" than "sunglass", but not only do they have good cover from the sun and blowing snow (without being too dark), they actually look pretty good:

Not only full coverage with adjustable frame, but not expensive at all!  I think I am going to continue my quest for products manufactured in the USA.  Of course, with our budget, this naturally won't be very often, but I will keep you posted!

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